Welcome to Frosted Not Stirred!

Hello world! Welcome to Frosted Not Stirred.

After years of "you should start a food blog" comments, I finally decided on what to make one about. I'm going to turn cocktails and cocktail flavours into cupcakes. I've already got lots of friends involved (cocktails, logo, layout, domains, brainstorming the name) and lots of ideas so I think this is going to be fun!

My first proper post about Mojito cupcakes will be coming soon! As will my official logo, which is being designed by my graphic designer friend Emily.

The thank yous so far:

  • Elly: for coming up with the name over burgers at lunch! The Beer and Burger Bar will always hold a special place in my heart. Also the burgers are ace.
  • Bel: for blog and hosting advice.
  • Emily: for designing my logo (I think we're still a few weeks away).
  • Steve: for sprouting random facts and stories about alcohol.
  • Everyone I've talked to about this blog: for giving me even more cocktail ideas. My list is huge and it's going to take me months to get through them all!
So, my pal Steve (*not his real name since he wants to be anonymous) is a bit of a cocktail expert and has worked in a bunch of cool cocktail bars. He's going to be throwing in his two cents here and there with cocktail recipes and fun facts. When I told him about the blog name, he said I'd definitely need to make a Vesper cupcake and when I asked why...

Notes from Steve:
So the saying “shaken not stirred” comes from James Bond. They invented the Vesper Martini for him to drink.

Vesper Martini:
  • 45mL Gin (Generally a London Dry like Tanq)
  • 15mL Vodka
  • 7.5mL Lillet Blanc (a fortified wine similar to dry vermouth)
Traditionally shaken and served in a Martini glass with a lemon twist.

FUN FACT! Gin is a very sensitive spirit, therefore, unless your cocktail has plenty of sugar and citrus in it (which a Vesper doesn’t), you should never shake it because it will bruise the botanicals in the spirit and create a seriously bitter taste throughout the cocktail.

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